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Read and discuss Plato's dialogue "Statesman"
Continuing our series on Plato's trilogy on knowledge and the types of philosopher, sophist and statesmen, this time we will read Plato's Statesmen, the dialogue immediately following "Sophist" and featuring the same protagonist, the Stranger from Elea. This time his young discussant switches from Theatetus to a young Socrates, who shares the name rather than the outward look of his famous namesake. The subject matter is the Statesman. An etext of the dialogue can be found here - Along the way we hear a not very edifying analysis of humans as featherless bipeds and a grand myth of the reversed cosmos, along with the weaving of human types. We see a very different take on Platonic politics than we might be familiar with from the Republic (Socrates) or the Laws (the Athenian Stranger), focused on an imaginary ideal kingship. Pay attention to what the Stranger lumps together rather casually vs what he splits hairs about, and think about what those choices imply. Also pay attention to which decision he circles back to and recognizes might have been too hasty. As always, interested newcomers are welcome, and I will explore a possible change in physical venue closer to the time, to accommodate concerns about background noise expressed last time. I wanted to put the subject and date on the calendar now to give people a chance to read the dialogue.

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