What we're about

Our purpose is to repair, celebrate and maintain the cycles and sources that sustain.

PLACEcraft is about recognizing the limits to growth and finding ways to repair, celebrate, respect and maintain local biodiversity, local ecosystems and the many local - and larger - cycles in ways that sustain us, our communities, and the rest of nature.

We are Botanists, Ecologists, Artists, Herbalists, Anthropologists, Writers, Basket-weavers, Story-tellers, Gardeners, Educators, Agro-ecologists, Poets, Musicians, Dancers, Software Developers, Wildland Managers, Small Land-holders, and others - uniting to develop approaches to ecological stewardship - including in-town projects - that nurture and sustain crafts, culture, diverse communities - and biodiversity too.

We’ll gather in small and large CIRCLES for active creation, regeneration, and exploration of, experimentation with, and support for - practices, beliefs, understandings, science, crafts, livelihoods, stories, songs, foods, gardening, Cultures, actions, community gatherings, etc that sustain nature. Let's see what we can do to sustain the interconnected ecosystems of garden, town, farm and the wilder watersheds and cycyles that sustain us and the rest of nature.

For the master weavers, the children's children and of our wid kin. Let's begin!

For more Information check http://www.placecraft.net

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