1040 23rd Ave

    PLEASE JOIN US for this SUPER FUN EXCURSION OUT OF GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI!! ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS LIKELY A SNOOZE/LOSE OPPORTUNITY!! TICKETS SHOULD BE PURCHASED PRONTO!!*** "Ferry boats depart Gulfport at 1:30 p.m. for a 90-minute shoreline cruise looking for the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Take a boat ride aboard the historic Pan American Clipper and enjoy the Gulfport shoreline looking for playful dolphins. Snack bar service available on board. No outside food or drinks permitted. Book your memorable dolphin cruise from Gulfport with Ship Island Excursions!" Adults 21-61: $19 plus $1.14 fee Adults 62 and up: $16 plus $1.00 fee https://msshipisland.com/cruises/dolphin-watching-cruise/ PLEASE NOTE SPOTS ON THE BOAT ARE GOING QUICKLY, AND THIS IS THE ONLY SATURDAY CRUISE IN MAY (and no Saturday cruises are running in June)!!! A LARGE GROUP COULD COME IN AND SCOOP UP AVAILABLE SPOTS, SO BOOK NOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. You will get a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Full refunds also offered if the trip is cancelled due to weather. Gulfport, Mississippi, is 2 to 2.5 hours' drive from Baton Rouge. If you know people you are comfy with in the group who are also attending, feel free to reach out to them to arrange carpooling. We are meeting 45 minutes early to socialize and hopefully get spots together on the ferry. Please note we are not guaranteed to see dolphins. (They are not required to RSVP for this Meetup.;) ) Boat rides are a blast regardless, and we will hope those precious babies will come close for a swim!! FEEL FREE TO INVITE FRIENDS AND FAMILY 21 AND UP TO JOIN US! Just include them in your RSVP. If the cruise is cancelled due to weather, we will reschedule. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!


    Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

    **NOTE: THIS IS A WEATHER-DEPENDENT MEETUP; I WILL POST ANY UPDATES ON THE COMMENT WALL IF WEATHER’S LOOKING IFFY. IF WE HAVE TO RESCHEDULE, WE WILL DO SO.** (Now, on an optimistic note . . . ) LET’S GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!!! Lake Fausse Pointe State Park is an approximately 60- to 75-minute drive from Baton Rouge, and they have 2-person canoes, 1-person kayaks, and 4- to 5-person flat-bottom boats to rent!!! We will meet at 11:00 a.m. NEAR THE BOAT LAUNCH AREA to enjoy eating and socializing in the park, and afterwards, as boats are available, we will go out in groups to paddle! There is also a nature trail for hiking enthusiasts. Newcomers can look for my red stop sign to identify the group! It costs $3.00 per person to get into the park. Cash and plastic (except AmEx) are accepted for the entry fee and boat rental fee; the boat rental fee can be divided among multiple debit/credit cards. Boat rentals cost $7.00 per hour per boat. They have 4 kayaks for rent, 10 canoes, and a number of flat-bottom boats. If you are not a water person but enjoy nature and social time, please join us! Please bring your own food and drinks for our day’s adventure, and remember, you might want extra water bottles for paddling! Life jackets will be provided; please make your friendly organizer happy and use them. ❤️ #preciouscargo I will bring some waterproof containers for items for the boats. Please don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, insect spray, allergy meds, and comfy shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting wet (just in case)! A towel and change of clothing to keep in the car is advisable. PLEASE BRING COMFY CHAIRS AND BLANKETS IN CASE WE DON’T SCORE PICNIC TABLES!! Note: You can apparently bring an electric or gas motor to add to the flat-bottom boat. I know nothing about this and beg you to only do this if you know what you’re doing. 😂 Otherwise, we can pile 4 to 5 people with paddles into one, which sounds FUN to me (and possibly an opportunity to spin in circles in the water)! Please invite family and friends 21 and up; just include them in your RSVP! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!


    George's Restaurants

    Y’all, this should be a TON of FUN!! I hope you can make it!! Our evening will start with social time and dinner on the patio of George’s (ON GEORGE ONEAL ROAD) followed by CATCHPHRASE!! We have played this game at Meetups in the past, and it is SO MUCH FUN!! We will divide into two or three groups for the game depending on attendance, and each group will divide into two teams for play, sitting in a circle. I will bring one electronic CatchPhrase game for each group! The patio is covered, so this event will happen rain or shine!! Please feel free to invite family and friends Ages 21 and up; just include them in your RSVP! Hope to see you there!!


    Hitter's House

    THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!! Whether you're a seasoned baseball player or someone who's never swung a bat, THIS MEETUP'S FOR YOU!! Hitter's House will provide the balls, bats, and helmets; you provide the sense of adventure, sense of athleticism and/or humor, and the batting glove IF you need one. (Please wear close-toed shoes!) I have reserved three batting cages (Hitter's House max for reservations), and we will plan to hit (and miss) balls from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. Cost is $60 per hour per cage, so individual cost will depend on headcount. (I can bump us down to one or two cages if need be to keep costs reasonable depending on RSVPs.) All interested can plan on going somewhere nearby (TBD) to get a bite to eat for more social time after we leave the batting cages. Friends, family, and co-workers 21 and up are welcomed; please just include them in your RSVP. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!


    Southdowns Neighborhood

    PLEASE join us for this very charming, fun, beautifully lit Mardi Gras parade in the Southdowns neighborhood of Baton Rouge . . . We will be meeting at the corner of Arrowhead Street and Pickett Avenue! I'm not sure which corner--we'll see where the most room is when we arrive--but they're all very close together on this neighborhood parade route. :) Don’t forget comfy clothes and shoes, and make sure to bring a loot bag (and a chair if you're game to lug it)! No doggies, please! Parades are NOT a good place for them to be for, oh, so many reasons. The St. Aloysius church lot located at 2025 Stuart Avenue SOMETIMES has parking spaces available; then it's a doable walk to our spot on the route. HOWEVER, keep in mind it's first come, first served, and at some point, they will block the street off for the parade. Otherwise, just head by car toward our meeting location on the parade route, get as close as you can, and then drive around to find a free street spot on a nearby neighborhood street that's not blocked off. :) Early birds get the best worms with parking! Children 21 and up, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc., are welcomed to join us for this Meetup! Just please remember to include them in your RSVP! We will plan to go somewhere after the parade to eat and further socialize for those interested! We had SO much fun last year and would LOVE to see you there!!


    PLEASE join us for ARTEMIS--a really fun (tame, G-rated) Mardi Gras parade in Downtown Baton Rouge to kick off the season!!! EXACT MEETING LOCATION: CORNER OF SEVENTH AND CONVENTION!! PARADE MUSTS: COMFY SHOES LAYERED CLOTHING (depending on weather) LOOT BAG (cups and other crazy items won't fit in your pocket or around your neck) LEAVE PUPS AT HOME (Mardi Gras parades are NOT good for our furry friends--too noisy, too easy to get toes stepped on, pet parents too distracted, things being thrown at them they don't understand, etc.) You are also welcomed to bring a chair, but whether you will be super near the chair during the parade and able to keep an eye on it is a gamble you can choose to take or not. Free parking is available on the street (and possibly in some parking lots) if you're game to hunt and walk. Otherwise, there are pay lots and garages pretty close to the route. We will probably go to a restaurant after the parade to eat and socialize for all who are interested. Please feel free to invite children 21 and over and/or friends to join us! Just remember to include them in your RSVP. :) LOOK FOR MY RED STOP SIGN!!! I will hold it up for a while, BUT ONCE THE PARADE STARTS, it will be put away and I will not be checking my phone/the Meetup page. Therefore, if you run super late, it will be up to you to find us! Hope to see you there!


    Elite Gymnastics

    I am SO EXCITED about this SUPER FUN Meetup for the evening of Valentine's Day!!! And as with all PLAY BATON ROUGE Meetups, all 21-and-up singles and couples are cordially invited to join in the FUN!!! Sarita Rayna--a fantastic Salsa teacher in Baton Rouge--has agreed to teach a Salsa dance class on the evening of Valentine's Day, with some cool social time built in before and after the class! We will meet at 7:00 p.m. (inside Elite Gymnastics) for 30 minutes of social time, followed by a 1-hour beginning Salsa class from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., followed by more social (and dancing!) time until 10:00 p.m. If you pay in advance*, the cost is $15 for the class; if you pay at the door, the cost is $20. Here is the link to pay in advance (using PayPal as an account holder or a guest): https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart?flowlogging_id=4976bd178e461&mfid=1548710259033_4976bd178e461#/checkout/openButton *No refunds will be issued, so please pay in advance when you're ready to commit. PLEASE BRING ONE SMALL TREAT OR SNACK TO SHARE during social time. The following drinks will be available for purchase: bottled water ($1), wine ($5), and beer ($4). If you wish to have another non-alcoholic option, please feel free to bring that. CASH AND PLASTIC will be accepted for drinks and class fees the night of the Meetup. For the ladies, a low heel is recommended with straps or some other design that keeps the shoes securely attached to your feet. Men can pick their favorite dancing shoes :) or even an old pair of tennis shoes (also fine for ladies)! Sarita will provide dance socks that will fit over most shoes to make it easy to turn while dancing. Sarita may extend the invite to others from her dance community depending on our RSVP count. UPDATE: Sarita has invited some folks from her dance community, and there will be a special student team performance for us! MEN: WE NEED YOU. We have tons of fabulous women in this group, and we need all the super cool fellas we can get to partner up with us. You don't need to know how to dance; that's what the class is for. :) If you can relax and smile, it's bound to be a great time. And besides: SNACKS!! ;) It should be a really great night! Huge thanks to the Meetup member who hooked us UP!! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!


    Location visible to members

    *****BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND***** It’s another FUN-FILLED ADVENTURE at LASER TAG OF BATON ROUGE!!! We always have SUCH an awesome time playing laser tag, and we will plan to further socialize at BRQ on Jefferson Hwy afterwards. Please join us at 5:40 p.m. in the lobby of Laser Tag of Baton Rouge, where I will be holding my red party stop sign to help newcomers identify the group. We will do our best to START PLAYING at 6:00 p.m.!! Please be early or on time (5:40) so everyone can get in on the first game! (Depending on crowds and timing that night, we *may* choose to do a different set of time slots, but please plan according to the goal for now of starting the first game on the hour.) Here's what I’ve written in the past about laser tag: If you want to get comfy with new people quickly and laugh while exercising, THIS is the Meetup for you!! For those who've never played laser tag before and are a little uneasy, I encourage you to join in the fun: 1) We've done this before with worried newbies, and they had a blast; 2) You're in the dark with gear on, so you can be a big ole goofball and shoot like Barney Fife, and people likely won't know it's even you; 3) If you're worried about being out of shape, it's up to you how much, how far, and how fast you move (and you can hide behind a wall shooting at people and never go upstairs if you want); 4) It's hilarious, and being bad makes it more hilarious (if you can laugh at yourself). Laser tag costs $5.25 plus tax per 7-minute game per person or $13 plus tax total for three games IF we have 10 or more people show up who are game to play three. Most folks typically opt for the three games for $13 plus tax, but please feel free to only play one or two games if you're not up for all three. Those who only wish to play one or two games can watch the other game/s from the Observation Deck at no charge. There's also an option to stand in one of the "PODS"--Phaser Observation Deck System--and shoot at people so you don't have to tromp around if you're needing/wanting to take it easy but still participate. With PODS, there are no vests, the deactivation that normally happens between players does not occur, and players in PODS can shoot at members of both teams. Shooting from PODS costs $2.50 per game. MAKE SURE TO WEAR COMFY, CLOSE-TOED SHOES FOR THIS ACTIVITY! IF YOU PLAN TO PLAY LASER TAG BUT NOT DINE WITH US AFTERWARDS, please let me know for restaurant reservation headcount info! IF YOU ONLY WANT TO MEET US FOR DINNER, PLEASE LET ME KNOW THAT, TOO! We are eating at BRQ at 10423 Jefferson Hwy after laser tag, and I’m guessing we will be at the restaurant between 7:15 and 7:30 p.m. Please feel free to invite friends or family Ages 21 and up; just include them in your RSVP. Hope to see you there!!!


    All Star Lanes

    PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST PLAY BATON ROUGE MEETUP OF 2019!!!!! ❤️🎉❤️🎉❤️ Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this is a late starting time for a school night, but it's FREE unlimited bowling for ladies (shoe rental is $3.50 + tax) and $10 unlimited bowling for gents (shoe rental included)!!! Ladies Night Bowling starts at around 9 p.m. (as soon as league bowling is over), but we will meet a little early at 8:45 p.m. to ensure we're ready to go at 9 p.m. Bowling shuts down a little before 1:00 a.m.; it's up to you whether you stay for an hour or two or close the place down. ***Please bring cash or plastic for individual payment.*** There is a snack bar for hungry folks! DON'T FORGET YOUR SOCKS if they're not already on your feet!! (But if you do, you can typically buy some there.) IF YOU PLAN TO COME AND SOCIALIZE BUT NOT BOWL, please make sure you let me know that so I won't include you in my headcount when I reserve lanes. IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE THAT NIGHT, please let us know on the Comment wall for this Meetup so we don't give up a seemingly unneeded extra lane because multiple late-runners are appearing to be no-shows. You are welcomed to invite guests Ages 21 and up; please just include them in your RSVP. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!



    PLEASE JOIN US for our PLAY BATON ROUGE HOLIDAY PARTY 2018!!! We will be socializing, playing an icebreaker game, and eating dinner in the private dining room at Portobello’s on George Oneal followed by gift-exchange FUN! Details below! PLEASE BRING TWO WRAPPED GENDER-NEUTRAL GIFTS: GIFT 1: A nice $10 gift purchased! (Please keep the value as close as possible to $10 so all GIFT 1 items are of equal value.) There are many lovely, useful, cool, and/or fun gift items available for that dollar amount; please remember it should be a gift a man or a woman could use/enjoy! PLEASE NO GAG GIFTS for GIFT 1. GIFT 2: A more traditional “white elephant” gift of any reasonably modest value—also gender neutral! You do NOT need to spend any money on this gift. The item can be secondhand; please no dirty, damaged, or “inappropriate” gifts. GIFT 2 can be something you find lying around your home that you are ready to pass along: a yard tool, a kitchen item, a book, wall/home decor, a lamp, etc., etc., etc. Just think something FUN to add to the exchange. If there’s nothing in your home you’d like to wrap and bring, you can stop by a thrift store or a yard sale OR a regular shop. (It is not required that GIFT 2 items are secondhand.) Gag gifts ARE acceptable as GIFT 2 items, but please avoid choosing something that may be offensive to party guests. Please do NOT bring homemade or old food items. (This is NOT the party for gettin’ rid of Aunt Ethyl’s recycled fruitcake from 1972.) There is no specific price cap if you opt to purchase something for GIFT 2, so if you see something really fun at a shop and you’re game to pay for the fun of adding it to the mix, go for it; just don’t go crazy. We don’t want a brawl over the one high-value gift floating around. 😉 The GIFT 2 part of the exchange will be more silly; the GIFT 1 part of the exchange will be FUN but the more serious gifts (though you might score something cool as the GIFT 2 you take home)! Make sense? Please contact me thru Meetup messaging with any questions! This evening should be a BLAST, and we hope to see you and your guests Ages 21 and up there! PS: Please stay on top of your RSVP including guest count as we are planning for this based on headcount and the room does not have unlimited space. Thank you!!!