• PMI-ACP Study Group
    Hello, everybody. I will be heading down to the Criss Library this coming Sunday (Nov 13th) to study for the PMI-ACP exam. I have reserved a room (244) that hosts up to 5 people, but if more people show up, we can sit at an open area where we can all fit. Since this is the first time that some of us will be meeting, let's do an informal meet and greet for the first hour to chat where everybody is with the exam, study materials, classes, etc. Let's use the second hour to study, break into study groups, etc. I have the room for two hours, however the library is open all day. Looking forward to meeting you all there! Matt Kirilov

    Criss Library Room 244

    6001 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68182 · Omaha, NE