Smart Replies and Digital Assistants Product Management

Product Management Meetup (IL)
Product Management Meetup (IL)
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18:30 - 19:00 – Gathering & Networking

19:00 - 19:05 – Osnat Niv-Assa (, CEO, PMsphere (

19:05 - 19:45 – Shira Weinberg Harel (, senior product manager, Microsoft, "Smart Replies, Dumb People"

19:45 - 20:30 – Michal Bloch Ron (, Product manager, Microsoft, "Digital Assistants, a Work in Progress"

20:30 - 20:45 - Q&A

Smart Replies, Dumb People
Smart replies, based on AI and machine learning powered technologies, have recently become popular in services and products – from smart mobile keyboards on iOS and Android to features included in Gmail, Allo, Linkedin and Cortana in Skype.
As we, the users, become more lazy, and these features become more common – how will our behavior be affected? and how is the user experience affected?

In this session Shira will explain what drives this evolution and why it is happening now, review some top products who incorporated smart replies, and discuss the future directions – what are the next steps of this evolution? Are we going to lose our personal touch in online communication and become communication robots?

Shira Weinberg Harel is a senior product manager at Microsoft.
She's a product manager at heart with 14 years' experience in the software industry both as an engineer and as a PM. She has led products both in local startup-like teams and wide corporate environment, including on{X} and Cortana. Her aspiration is to improve the users' lives by creating amazing products. Shira is also the co-founder of LeadWith, an organization promoting women in the Israeli tech arena.

Digital Assistants, a Work in Progress
Although we hear about digital assistants for a few years now, the race is still in its early days. It’s actually a multi-year journey to revolutionize human-computer interaction, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.
Michal will cover the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, address the challenges, market trends and introduce what’s next for digital assistants.

Michal Bloch Ron is a product manager at Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. Prior to Cortana, Michal worked at Microsoft Accelerator global team, assisting startups around the world to scale up.
Before joining Microsoft, she was an analyst at Giza VC, working with brilliant entrepreneurs and learning the ins and outs of startups.
Michal holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.