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What we're about

Hey there! πŸ™‚

We are a group of people looking to

- make more friends who are around our age (16-21 y/o, studying in Polytechnic/ITEs)

- who loves to have fun but

- also connect with people through deeper conversations about life

If you are tired or bored from just pursuing/talking about the superficial things in life, why not join us? We can have fun, while also diving into life's many topics - such as meaning, purpose, success, significance, etc! πŸ’‘


Note: This is not for people who are

- looking for a romantic relationship

- networking


More about us:

1. We love some good (yet affordable) food πŸ”

2. We love playing sports; some favourites include Badminton, Captain's Ball and MORE 🎳 🏸

3. Music is something we enjoy 🎢🎼

4. We study together to propel each other forward πŸ“šπŸ₯‡

5. We like trying out new stuff

6. We enjoy meeting new people and making friends :) πŸ‘­

7. We want to spread joy to everyone around us 😊

Past events (10)

L.O.L. Sunday

City Hall MRT (Church exit)

Board Games Hangout! 🧩

The Mind Cafe

Hiking at MacRitchie 🌿

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk (Entrance) via Windsor Nature Park (Entrance beside Venus Drive Parking Lot)

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