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Fathers, mothers, accountants, doctors, investment advisors, brokers, attorneys, teachers, business executives, business owners, machinist, mechanics, artist and…………
There is a movement of self-sufficiency, preparedness, self-reliance and survival. These people have many names ranging from self-reliant, preppers, homesteaders, and survivalist. All share a need for quality of life, economic adaptation, and if necessary survive a catastrophic local or global event.
New and wanting to learn how to get started or someone with experience, this group may have the missing pieces you are still searching to find.

“IT” could happen?
Many “IT” events HAVE happened some place in the world within the last 10 years and can happen again: Spree killings, Terrorist Attacks (Massive arson, Dirty bombs, chemical attacks, biological attacks, cyber-attacks, EMP attacks), Natural Disasters (pandemics, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, Massive forest fires, floods, mud-slides, famine, Solar storm EMP), Industrial accidents (Nuclear accidents, electrical grid collapse, chemical accidents), Economic collapse and “Unknown X Factors.” Turn your fear into action and feel secure because of your own efforts of self-preparedness.

No SANE person wants "IT" to happen

When someone gets serious about the survival of loved ones and themselves, they start looking for answers. You like me may have found that 98% of the books and websites are focused on what I call “Wild World Survival.” Bush craft and wilderness survival define “Wild World Survival.” The killer APP for “Wild World Survival” is found in fire making. Are you tried of how to survive after being lost in woods information?

I live in the city and want to survive in my city. This group is for city apartment dwellers to suburban homeowners who want to turn their space into a LIFEPOD. The “Prepping In The City” Meetup group is Not about “Bush craft” or “wilderness survival.” This group is about the realities of surviving and thriving around glass, steel and concrete. Survival in the big city is about planning, design and construction. It takes careful design based planning, science and engineering.

Do you refuse to live life no farther back than the 1900s? This MeetUp group will focus on how to live well in the world NOW and survive any future event to live well again. Our goal is to provide knowledge for both individuals and groups to survive and thrive before, during and after a major disaster or civil breakdown. How to effectively take action independent of waiting for private or government organizations to come to the rescue. People can die from waiting. This knowledge is deployed in urban environments preparation-projects far in advance of “IT” events.

Meetups will consist of both learning clinics and in depth workshops. Learning formats are fee based. During clinics and workshops, both “basic level preps” and “hardcore level preps” will be discussed and demonstrated.

Basic Level-if you are on a tight budget and want the most economical answers. You just want to be prepared without having to make a larger commitment of space to gear.

Hardcore Level- is for the extreme obsessive person who wants to cover all possible scenarios and may just be a major gear head at heart anyway.

Both levels come with explanations of what to do with each tool in each type of situation.
What good are tools if you have no clue how they can help you stay alive.

“Prepping in the city” Meetup Group will also function as a “Preppers Wingman club,” the place where you can find prepping partners. The group is a resource to build and complete your “IT” event survival team.

Will also take many deep dives into the cognitive Science of Survival. How split second decisions you make in an “IT” event can spell the difference between life and death.

All Humans are welcome
The group is a non-political, non-paramilitary group, non-religious group. You will discover a group for the Thinkers, doers, and creators who live in the urban and suburban world.

Contact: PreppingInTheCity@gmail.com

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