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The Art of Storytelling in PR

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The Art of Storytelling in PR


Before you all get into holiday mode, it's time to get together at another meetup. Join us on the 26th of November for a round of inspiring stories from inspiring storytellers, networking, and of course - beer and pizza.


In this edition of the PRLab Meetups, we take a look at the importance of storytelling within PR. Learn the tips and tricks that will make your story stand out from the saturated crowd of PR pitches, events, and overall campaigns.


After a fully packed, wonderful meetup this past summer at Boom Chicago, we have decided to come back to the same place and organize one of our most exciting meetups up till now.

Boom Chicago is the renowned English-language comedy troupe with the most gezellig space in town. For one night only, we will take over their stage and add some knowledge to the giggles.

Boom Chicago
Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV Amsterdam



Gijsbregt is the founder and managing director of the creative agency Lemon Scented Tea. At the meetup, Gijsbregt will be sharing his process of creating a campaign for the popular bicycle company Veloretti called ‘An Amsterdam Bicycle Story’ which boosted their sales by 40% in the first month.


Christiaan is a journalist loving brands. That’s an unusual combination, it makes him an outsider in both worlds, looking from a different perspective. Where brands most of the time are sending their information through their channels, Christiaan asks himself: what is it that audiences want? How can we touch them by not only telling them a good story but also a true story? That’s what brand journalism is about. In this age of transparency, Christiaan believes brands have to be true and credible.

He is an experienced journalist, working almost 25 years for AD in different areas. He started there as a trainee and ended up as the editor- in-chief, responsible for the whole news brand, building it from a print-based to a digital-based company. Later, he spent 2 years at Voetbal International, where he introduced the online platform VI PRO before he started with The Story Machine, a part of the creative agency J. Walter Thompson.

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Rozengracht 117 · Amsterdam, NH
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