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Distinguished Speaker Series at the Dept. of Engineering & Technology Management in the Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science at Portland State University.

Technology touches all of our lives and we're building a community at PSU to examine, challenge and participate in our future. From the internet of things to smart houses to genetic engineering, technological progress continues to accelerate provides exciting opportunities and unique challenges. The objective of this speaker series is to highlight the application of innovation, technology and management to a diverse range of uses and challenges to solve problems and build value in business and society.

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Stephanie Battista- IoT, Smart Technologies –Humanity Innovation Labs

"How Mobility and Technology Are Transforming Businesses" HIL, Humanity Innovation Labs is a mobile consultancy that is in the process of transforming from a service provider to a technology company. HIL’s work focuses on exploratory research and development for intelligent wearable devices for productivity, efficiency and performance of the human body. Discovery is about working in the future and envisioning applications, usages and unmet needs that create the push and pull in the market. Knowledge, expertise, and resources end up driving much of the possibilities into a product strategy that can be taken to market. This talk will focus on how to retain innovative thinking at scale without losing touch with what your consumers really want.

Hector Dominguez- Open Data Coordinator/Smart City PDX at the City of Portland

Title: Building better information stewardship in Portland as a step towards a better smart City This presentation will explore the current efforts on building better data stewardship and challenges in data governance in the city of Portland as a way to facilitate the next generation of city services that may help resolving our complex social issues. Data and information is more often demanded as a way to measure effectiveness and efficiency of local government. For example: The City’s Citywide Racial Equity Goals and Strategies cites “...improved access to data to measure the success of specific programmatic and policy changes and to develop baselines, set goals, and measure progress” as a key strategy. Resolving complex issues like homelessness, traffic, public safety, sustainable cities and economic opportunities for all, really needs interaction from different forms of government and active participation of the private sector, NGOs, community based organizations and individuals. Envisioning a Portland in the digital age based on digital rights, best practices in data management and proper use of technology is the main engine to build a better smart city. Bio Hector Dominguez, PhD Open Data Coordinator. Smart City PDX. Bureau of Planning and Sustainability - City of Portland Hector has mixed background of public sector, entrepreneurship, research and non-profit organizations, with expertise on Internet of things, advanced analytics, robotics and automation and Artificial Intelligence. Hector has developed sensor networks for robotics, agriculture, food production, clean energy, forest monitoring and the oil industry. Hector has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on complex dynamical systems, automation and sustainable manufacturing. He is originally from Xalapa, Veracruz in Mexico and enjoys world music, food, permaculture, and good books. Smart City PDX is partnering with the Portland community to make our city a place where data and technology are used to improve people’s lives, particularly in underserved communities. Together we'll proactively prepare for future technologies to promote community-driven goals and values. We'll use data and technology responsibly to support a healthy, safe, more affordable and prosperous Portland for everyone.

Jeffrey Busch: Senior Project Management Consultant (PMI,PSU, Cadence mgmt corp)

Portland State University Engineering Building

Jeffrey Busch: Senior Project Management Consultant (PMI,PSU, Cadence management corp)

Dan Warner: Founder/CTO at Marko Technologies

Tech Startup Epic Failure - Five Lessons Learned

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