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Distinguished Speaker Series at the Dept. of Engineering & Technology Management in the Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science at Portland State University. 
Technology touches all of our lives and we're building a community at PSU to examine, challenge and participate in our future. From the internet of things to smart houses to genetic engineering, technological progress continues to accelerate provides exciting opportunities and unique challenges. The objective of this speaker series is to highlight the application of innovation, technology, and management to a diverse range of uses and challenges to solve problems and build value in business and society.

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Object Sensing and Cognition for Adversarial Robustness

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Machine learning models are becoming more ubiquitous in today’s systems. Such systems use these models to reason about the inputs they receive and, as a result, can produce human-like actions or outputs. However, we must take care when deploying such systems in safety-critical or security-critical environments. Our own work has shown how to manipulate inputs in ways that cause these systems to produce unexpected outputs. In this talk, I will recount our work on DARPA's Guaranteeing AI Robustness Against Deception (GARD) program. I will describe our approach towards defending against these "adversarial examples" and explain why simulation is the best means of understanding them.

Cory Cornelius is a research scientist in Security and Privacy Research at Intel Labs. His current research explores the intersections between machine learning, security, and privacy. His prior work examined the intersection between security and wearable devices. Before joining Intel, Cory received his doctorate in Computer Science from Dartmouth College in 2013.
You can find more details about his work at <https://corneli.us>.

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It is Mostly Assumptions: Modeling a Pandemic

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