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What we’re about

WELCOME!! PSYCHEDELIC & PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION OC has been created to publicly open up the discussion of psychedelic substances, their history, current global renaissance and latest research findings for deep physical, emotional healing and psycho-spiritual growth.

We will look at how the different substances effectually open up the mind, body and spirit to exploring and participating in life from a higher perspective. We will investigate the many tools of psychedelic integration, which, when understood and used in conjunction with psychedelics, can open a door into a life of freedom from mental and emotional suffering and sustained balance and joy.

If you have had recent experiences or are interested in learning more about entheogens/psychedelics, please join us for in-depth discussions. This is a safe space for sharing personal experiences in order to integrate your journey on a deeper spiritual level of understanding and expansion.

Prior to embarking upon international retreats for ayahuasca, psilocybin or iboga/ibogaine, etc., we encourage you to do your research to ensure you are working with high integrity organizations. Extensive pre-trip preparation helps to lay the foundation for a positive and holistically beneficial experience.

Disclaimer: The intention of Psychedelic & Psycho-Spiritual Integration OC is to provide an open discussion and promote education for the mindful use of psychedelics. For the safety of all, we do not promote the purchase, nor will allow illegal substances to be used, bought, sold or transferred at these gatherings. Please DO NOT discuss how or where to procure illegal substances to ensure the integrity of our meetup intentions.

"It Is A Strange Bridge From Your Stupid Ego To The Infinite Reality.  Each Time You Take Two Steps, The Bridge Behind You Is Burnt."  -Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda