What we're about

Hello! Welcome to London Regular Public Speakers. We are dedicated to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. This group is for:
- anyone with a fear of public speaking
- those with social anxiety
- anyone who want to improve their public speaking skills
- people who want increase their self confidence
- those who are looking for regular practice sessions (weekly 2 hour sessions)
- anyone with speech difficulties
- everybody whose best area of expertise is not speaking in public!

Components of an usual session:

* Impromptu speeches
* Small presentations (5 minute long)
* Activities to help overcome fear

... No one will be forced to participate... There will be a strictly supportive and welcoming environment...

The first session is free for New Comers as long as you are not attending a session from a course.

You can't improve a great deal by listening to speeches or attending one day crash courses, just like you can't learn to swim online. You will get time to face your fears on a regular basis. It has been shown that public speaking significantly improves one's confidence. It could also help with anxiety, depression and one's general well-being.

Upcoming events (1)

Confident 2017 Public Speaking Course (£32)
Needs a date and time

The Big Wheel Theatre Company

Starting on the second week of January. The entire course will last 6 weeks and cost you only £32. Our New Years goal is to train at least 200 people to become excellent public speaker in 2017. Our group was founded in 2014 at a time when other trainers were charging ridiculous amounts of money for public speaking training. Since then we have been offering high-quality public speaking training to members of the public at affordable rates because we do not believe in cashing in on people's vulnerabilities. More information about this exciting and life changing program will be available on here by the 18th of December. Our promise to you: To provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to practice your public speaking skills at an affordable rate. We trained the 2 of the most successful public speaking trainers on meetup. They are now running their own groups. Disclaimer: This programme is offered on a not-for-profit basis.

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