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Fear of public speaking is estimated to effect around three quarters of the population, but it is a fear that can be overcome through positive experience, practice and grounding. It is also an incredibly important life skill.

Learning how to verbally express your thoughts and ideas fluently and intelligently will also make you more influential, confident, impactful and massively enhance your work and life prospects.

Thankfully, you are in the right place for both of these! The skills we will help you to develop will be applicable in a wide range of settings including formal presentations, training sessions, group meetings, interviews and social media videos and can be applied both in a face-to-face and virtual online setting.

During lockdown we are running free regular sessions on Zoom to give you the opportunity to practice speaking in a small, friendly group on topics you are familiar with. We will have a different focus each week with a small piece of teaching at the start and the rest of the time devoted to practice.

We are also in the process of developing a comprehensive speakers' programme which will go into each of the areas we cover in the free zoom sessions in greater depth. The programme will include areas such as:

- Discovering the message you really want to share with the world

- Enhancing connection with your audience through storytelling

- Improvisation and speaking off the cuff- how do you make it look easy?

- Injecting humour and play into your talks

- Structuring a talk so you can keep your audience engaged

- Finding your unique style and voice as a speaker

- Building your confidence and dealing effectively with nerves and stage fight

And many more! Please contact us if there is a topic you would like us to cover in the free zoom sessions or the comprehensive programme.

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How to create connection through storytelling

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Beginners Public Speaking Confident 2017 - £10

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Beginners Public Speaking Confident 2017 - £8

Needs a location


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