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Do you know someone who has been through a traumatic or deeply disturbing event? Death, divorce, abandonment, abuse, loss of a business or job, any and all of these can trigger an existential threat. This often awakens primal fears and responses, feelings that live in the shadows until they blindside us or cripple us in the middle of our otherwise "normal" lives. Our brains (multiple) have several different layers of instinct, emotion and evolution, in addition to our "logical" selves that we like to think is the real "us". Since we are late maturing animals, our social world is part and partial of our survival as children, and so disruptions or threats in that world can have surprising social implications and consequences, that can leave us feeling even more isolated and stressed if we don't understand them.

This series of free workshops is meant to help us discover these hidden triggers, in ourselves and others, and better navigate our own brains and emotions, and that of others, for a more peaceful, loving and happy life, with less stress, fear and anger.

All meetups will be a mix of opening lecture and collective sharing and masterminding for the members to help each other find healing resources as well.

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