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The focus of this group is healing from trauma through writing. The people who emphasize with trauma best are those who have gone through it, themselves. This group brings like-minded people together to support and validate one another. Sometimes, conventional treatment can leave a person with the impression that they are damaged or less capable because of their past. This group focuses on the growth that can emerge from extreme suffering. Because the members of this group have experienced long-term trauma, you don't have to filter your story to sound polite or feel ashamed. Trauma can occur from many different forms of suffering and abuse. Accumulated and unprocessed stress can cause detachment, dissociation, numbness, memory loss, rumination, addiction, and many other symptoms. The only expectation here is to be respectful of the experiences of other members and the different forms of trauma that come up. If you are uncomfortable with the content of a particular story, it's completely okay to skip reading it or engaging in that particular conversation. This was created to connect like-minded people, provide a place to share what you would like to, have fun, and discuss ideas. Sharing is optional and writing can take any form (journals, fragments of stories, prayers, fiction, poetry, or anything else from any time). The will to make meaning from trauma is an beautiful thing. Recovery friendships are often the strongest and support while healing is a powerful thing. I know how difficult sharing personal stories can be. Here, everyone is in a similar place and trauma is treated as important and valid, even if you've coped by minimizing it. I'm looking forward to connecting with anyone interested in healing trauma through writing. Message me with schedule preferences and I will set up a first meeting soon.

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Franklin Public Library Meeting and Discussion

Franklin Public Library

February Writing Meetup

Barnes & Noble Booksellers Bellingham

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