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Meet other local people with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) from all walks of life gathering for support, advice, ideas, and companionship from others who are living with and/or attempting to cope with PTSD symptoms and life. Your attendance and participation is a significant step in the healing work. This can also be a place to form new connections and friendships with like minded PTSD sufferers.

Basic rules for members and attendees:

* All new members must have a REAL (non business) photo of yourself posted here before being accepted

* No smoking in the group

* Please if you are sick come when you are feeling better to not expose others to what you have

* Understanding that this group is not a replacement for your own personal health care needs and or individual counseling services that can be obtained seperately if necessary along with being apart of any support group

*This group may not be used to promote, hype or sell any business, company or services or to push, inflate or put down any particular religious, political or personal beliefs or ideologies. This is not being respectful of other's in the group who may not believe the same way as someone else or wish to have group time at the meetings used in this manner. If acquaintances or friendships are formed you are certainly free if you choose to discuss and hold conversations about these things outside of the group.

This is also not a place for licensed health care professionals or specialty Dr's to seek out or recruit new patients or clients. This is considered a misuse of the groups time and primary goals and objectives and takes away from serving the group as a whole and is 100% not allowed here in any way.

This is not to say that other topics cannot be discussed in a general sense or as an introductory for the purpose of telling our own stories, if they can be shared briefly and in a very neutral & unbiased way and then a brief follow up if someone in the group can relate or identify with any part of another person's story. That is acceptable as long as everyone in the group is comfortable with it and it is related to Anxiety and PTSD issues in some way but anything outside of that is restricted from being discussed at the meetings conducted in this Meetup group. Failure to comply with these rules and policies will result in being removed and banned from the group without any warning or notice. Of course before and after the meetings socializing about other things is fine with individuals from the group. As making new friends and forming connections based on similar experiences is normal & healthy and is helpful in rebuilding our sense of trust and acceptance and beginning the outward healing process.

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