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BraveSpace is a place of Love, Justice, and Belonging. We are a collection and gathering of people who are trying to figure out this world and our role within it. Together. Brave Space is a throw back to the very beginning of Church, when a group of people would come together, share a meal, talk, learn, and support one another. The world has changed a lot in the last 2,000+ years, but the need for community hasn’t changed.

We are a radically inclusive community of people who understand the difference between being “open and welcoming” and actually being a space where people are truly welcome. At BraveSpace, everyone is truly welcome. As you are, who you are, and for who you are. Regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, hair color, eye color, immigration status, or ethnic background. And if you’re questioning the role or need of religion in this world, you’re definitely welcome at Brave Space!

If you’ve ever felt not safe in this world, marginalized, or uncertain of your place and roll in this world, nation, and city, then you also probably know that the notion of a “safe space” is a myth. A safe space is a mythical thing created by people who feel safe in this world to make them feel better about allowing space for those who are not safe, marginalized, or looked beyond. But there are spaces where we can be brave.

Come. Be fed. Be Brave with us.

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