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PWoW Monthly Networking Event
PWOW Annual Holiday Social is only a two weeks away. Are you planning on coming? I’m looking forward to all of us getting a nice relaxing dinner and a few margaritas. Please comment below and RVSP on Meetup if you are planning on attending. Also, don't forget to bring a $5.00 gift to exchange. Tuesday, December 11th @ 6pm Swayz Mexican Restaurant 4048 S Packard Ave St. Francis, WI 53235 We encourage our members to stay after the event to network more with each other!! In order for our group to stay completely FREE we depend on donations from our members and guests. Every dollar helps!! If you'd like to donate please either drop it in our donation jar at the meeting OR feel free to use your credit card and donate safely through this link: "CHECK BACK FOR AN UPDATE" If everyone in our group donated even $1 we would have enough to cover our costs for a year. ;)

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What we're about

We are a group of women with a common interest in creating a network of formal and informal professionals.

We meet every 4th Tuesday of the Month from 6:30pm - 8:00pm in Southeast, WI.

ALSO - We have now EXPANDED to the Madison Area!

We Also meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30pm -8:00pm in Sun Prairie, WI 53590. Join us in Madison at

We do not currently charge a fee for this group but we welcome donations should you like to help with administrative costs.

In order for our group to stay completely FREE we depend on donations from our members and guests. Every dollar helps!!

If you'd like to donate please drop it in our donation jar at our events.

We take a little different approach to networking than most groups do. We believe building relationships with each other is much more important than growing an email/contact list and business card collection.

We consider this a business AND social networking group. Please take the time to get to know each member/attendee and make an effort to stay after the event to continue to network.

Helping you grow your business and connect with the right people are priorities to us. Please bring your business cards, flyers and door prizes. We will have a table set up for displaying these items throughout the event.

Topics - Each event will have a topic of discussion led by one of our Leaders. (members are encouraged to notify a leader if they are interested in leading a topic). We like for you to walk away from each event having learned something you can use in your personal and/or professional life.

Most meetings are held at restaurants and we ask each attendee to at least purchase a beverage or meal to help the restaurant for allowing us to meet there.

This is a private group. You must be approved for membership. You may not be approved. You may be removed at any time.

We will approve you if you are truly interested in joining us for an event. You will be listed as an "Attendee" until you have attended one event and have decided to join as a member by completing a Membership Application. Once your application is complete you will be listed as a "Member".

Member benefits include but are not limited to:

1. The opportunity to be a "Featured Member" which includes: Being featured on our Event page and having a 2-5 minute spotlight intro at the event.

2. Access to exclusive offers and discounts given by other PWoW members.


If you don't have time to attend any Events, please don't apply at this time. If you do not attend any events for three months you will be removed. You can rejoin when you have more time. This is to ensure we have active members and those on the pending list can join the group.

A networking group is only as strong and effective as the members who show up. If you RSVP Yes for an event and do NOT show up or make any effort to let the Event Organizer or co-organizer know you cannot attend due to a last minute emergency you will be removed from the group.

Please Cancel 24 hours in advance. You are taking someone else's spot who could have attended, therefore repeat offenders of canceling last minute will be removed from the group.

PWoW leaders also reserve the right to remove any member from our group at any time for any reason.

When applying for membership include a visible photo of yourself please! This allows me and other event organizers to know who to look for at events and allows other members to be able to put a face to a profile. If you don't have a visible picture of yourself, you will not be added to the group.

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