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Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network (PNODN) is a professional organization cultivating knowledge, fostering collaboration, and a community engaging one another. We are committed to developing personal, organizational, and community capacity to realize relevant and compelling results.

Organization Development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change in organizations and communities; it strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization or community and the world around them.

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OD and HR: Is OD Stuck in the Wrong Place?

Online event


On May 17th from 6-8pm PST on zoom, the Pacific Northwest OD Network will be hosting special OD Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Matt Minahan who will be sharing a presentation on "OD and HR: Is OD Stuck in the wrong place?"

The relationship between OD and HR has been problematic for decades, but seems even more challenging now. Across organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, the OD function has become absorbed into HR. OD jobs have been converted into training, talent, and business partner jobs.

As a result, well trained, systems thinking OD people are being underutilized and sub-optimized. The more strategic OD functions of strategy, structure, business process, leadership team development, and culture change remain unaddressed where the OD function is situated in HR.

Participants will walk away with the following understandings:
- The core and fundamental differences between the OD and HR functions
- Why OD is a lot more than just advanced HR
- Where the OD function is located on the organization chart and why that is critical to its success

Please register here! http://ow.ly/mL2A50EdGoX

#systemsthinking #ODandHR #organizationdevelopment

Make a Loud Noise with Sandra Janoff

Online event


Please join us on June 21st from 6-8pm PST for our monthly presentation on "It’s Time for Scholar Practitioners to Make a Loud Noise!" with Sandra Janoff.

This is a grave moment in time! We are being pounded by a torrent of crises, each piled on top of the other and impacting everyone on the planet: global warming, the covid pandemic, rising fascism, racial injustice, the refugee crisis, mental health crisis, economic devastation, global and local inequalities. Our fragmented systems are broken and collapsing in front of us. We are all drowning in the flood and turning against each other in rage. Clearly, we must see the urgency of the work we do. I have a perspective on why systems are broken and what we can do to leverage our role in achieving security for our future. I also would like to throw in a little fun!

At the end of this session, participants will:

-Awareness of global crises and our responsibility as practitioners.
-Clarity on what “everybody improving whole systems” really means.
-Explore why working with differences is hard work and worth it.

Please register here: http://ow.ly/K0iB50EdGG2

#wholesystemschange #organizationdevelopment #globaltransformation

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A Seat at the Table with Dr. Gloria Burgess

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