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Enough with the breed specific meetups. This is a group made up of misfits, and we love it. We dont need to have a label. It's 2018 right? Well, we wont judge or profile you either. You can keep the special entry poodle club (the poodles are welcome too tho).

There should be access to our play dates for everyone. Therefore, we won't confine ourselves to one neighborhood. Fido doesnt care where you come from or where you live now. I'd say we should limit the localé to within 15 miles surrounding all of Boston, or as they say, within a crow's flight. I'm the organizer of the group, however I will not run it. Anyone can leave comments, suggestions and even schedule their own meetups if desired. This doesnt have to be a group that only posts invites every 6 months or so. In describing this meetup app, you certainly would not be wrong in agreeing this is a great concept. Unfortunately for us, it could use some major updates. In the meantime, we will just have to improvise the best we can. So Idk what else to add, I've said my peace.

I'll end with this, everyone get off your ass, take the dog out, enjoy the day and do something the both you and your lil shadow would appreciate and love. It's a win-win right? The floor is yours people...

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Stoddards Neck Dog Park

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Stoddards Neck Dog Park

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