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We are an interfaith committee, comprised of volunteers from throughout the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Who follow many positive, life affirming, Earth Centered spiritual faiths, commonly classified as Neo-Pagan. Including, but not limited to, Living Wicca, Nordic Asatru, Celtic Druidism and Native American theologies. As a Civic Organization, we seek to enrich our community and to serve Neo-Pagan families and folk by providing open, public celebrations marking the many special occasions of our religious calendar, which honor the changing of the Seasons. These celebrations create a forum for interaction and networking between members of neighboring communities while additionally heightening general public awareness and teaching tolerance. Educating the surrounding public as to what Neo-Paganism really “IS” and what it is “NOT”. Bringing modern Paganism out of the Broom Closet and into the light of day. As a result, we hope to provide positive educational resources to Law Enforcement, City and Government Officials as well as Educational Institutions, in order to combat much of the common negative fairy tale stereotyping which may lead to fear, misunderstanding, hostility, and hate crimes. As well as to further instill a realistic positive image of Neo-Pagan family values. Thank you for your interest. Send mail to Webmaster PIE-Fellowship with questions or comments about this web site. Copyright © 2002 Pagan Inland Empire Fellowship

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