Book Discussion of Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

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Here is our contemporary fiction pick!

2005 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction
2004 National Book Critics Circle Winner
"In 1956, toward the end of Reverend John Ames's life, he begins a letter to his young son, an account of himself and his forebears. Ames is the son of an Iowan preacher and the grandson of a minister who, as a young man in Maine, saw a vision of Christ bound in chains and came west to Kansas to fight for abolition: He "preached men into the Civil War," then, at age fifty, became a chaplain in the Union Army, losing his right eye in battle. Reverend Ames writes to his son about the tension between his father--an ardent pacifist--and his grandfather, whose pistol and bloody shirts, concealed in an army blanket, may be relics from the fight between the abolitionists and those settlers who wanted to vote Kansas into the union as a slave state. And he tells a story of the sacred bonds between fathers and sons, which are tested in his tender and strained relationship with his namesake, John Ames Boughton, his best friend's wayward son."

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It is recommended that you come having read the book in its entirety to avoid spoilers, but do not be discouraged if you cannot finish! We love all contributions to discussion and sometimes it motivates finishing the book to bounce ideas off of others!
As always, snacks and friends are very welcome. Hope to see you there!