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Prose Procrastinators Anonymous

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Panera Bread

1325 Coolidge Highway · Troy, MI

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Look for us in the back of the cafe.

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This is not a class, workshop or critique group. This is not time to work on your writing project (although we won't fault you if you want to write in our company). This is simply a chance for people who are chasing the same unconventional hobby to come together and have a little fun.

We may not cure the growing epidemic of Prose Procrastinators... but we'll make friends, and we'll no longer be alone in our creative pursuits... and that's just as important!

So often, writers live in a self-imposed isolation. For the most part, we lead a solitary life. We write in libraries, usually alone or in small, quiet groups, rarely engaging in eye contact. Or we write in coffee houses with earbuds fending off the possibility of human connection. Or we write in complete solitude in our houses.

While that's important and helpful for focusing on the writerly projects we're working on... it doesn't do much to help remind us that we're not odd, different, shallow, or strange. It also doesn't prepare us for the one day when we may have to market our book... talk about our writing... or engage with complete strangers while selling our book at a festival. Introverts don't sell well.

To stave off the rejection that could be met when a writing hermit meets the outside world, we have created a social group for writers. Prose Procrastinators Anonymous is the bridge between hermitage writing and marketing your work to the masses. We'll help you get comfortable in a world where human interaction is essential.

This is also your chance to validate your procrastination habits with others of your ilk who are procrastinating, too.

But it's also so much more than that... it's also an opportunity for you to meet other authors, editors, publishing people, book illustrators, and literary-minded souls with time spent in conversation and the exploration of literary ideas.

If you are interested in getting together with other writers to brainstorm about your projects, give and gain constructive feedback, and become a cheerleader for those who are embarking on a similar literary journey, this is the place for you!