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None of us can "KNOW" what we don't Really KNOW (yet anyway), right ?

The reality is we CAN GET money for our IDEAS AND it can be done FAST too, with security and without spending many Thousands on attorneys or even obtaining a Patent ! You can also FORGET ABOUT the national companies offering to ' Polish & Promote' your IDEA since their success rates are abysmal, even when costing you $10K or more - just for promoting to manufacturers, & still not getting a patent.

Come learn and you'll know how to get your ideas OUT of your head, OFF of the paper, INTO expert hands that will give you the BEST resources for the LEAST cost and HIGHEST return. Watch this website but your best bet is to SIGN UP for FREE Membership in this group and then ATTEND our worthwhile professional meetings -

Thanks and please 'know' you are welcome,
(Dr.) Carl Amodt

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