What we're about

• Would you like to get out of pain?
• Would you like to have a thriving, flexible, and strong body?
• Would you like to return to favorite activities, or start new ones but feel you are too out of shape or injured?

Then look no further!

The intention of this group is to educate you about why you are where you are, physically.
• Why does your back hurt?
• Why do you have knee pain?
• Why do you have osteoporosis? In only one hip?
• Why does fat accumulate “there” and only “there”?
• Why do you sneeze/laugh pee?

I will teach you movement protocols that you can do to change your situation.

Come and learn:
1. What your body (every body) should be able to do
2. What your physical limitations mean for your overall health
3. Gentle exercises to release pain and restore your function and range of motion

Whether you are a couch potato, an expecting /new mom, or an athlete, if you have a body, this group is for you. Everyone is welcome and will be guided to challenge themselves while respecting your body’s boundaries.

One hour classes of low impact stretching and strengthening exercises will be held in Pasadena and occasionally outside.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer in Restorative Exercise, certified by Nutritious Movement ( http://www.nutritiousmovement.com ), a program by biomechanist and author Katy Bowman. You can read more about me at www.BalancedAndAligned.com. My goal is to teach those who want a better relationship with their body, and are committed to moving towards a healthier pain free life.

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