What we're about

This Meetup is for all Adults, ages 21 +, who are looking for more purpose and fulfillment in their careers and personal relationships.

* What this Meetup Group is about:

Social gatherings where we paint, create, chat, have fun.

* Who should join: ideal members:

Anyone, 21 years +, who is interested in art, painting, drawing, sharing creativity.

* Why should you join: To learn, share, paint, draw, have fun.

* What members can expect: get together in a friendly environment, where instructors will guide you through a painting or drawing or other creative art works.

What kind of events:

- Canvas Painting Night

- Team building Painting events

- collaborative Painting events, like street art, mural painting

How often offered;

once or twice a month, on different days of the week.

How long does each event last: 3 hours

Fee per event: $35

Students: $30

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