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April 2021


I am introducing myself to you as I keep our Meetup alive and take over as organizer.  My name is Jacquie.  I am a Reiki Master, a Women's Empowerment Retreat Leader, a Mandala Artist, a Counselor, and a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  Painting has always brought me much Joy and I love to paint Chakra Mandalas.  I am a creative visionary and a queen of manifesting!  I am an author and just launched my newest book about creating a Daily Rituals practice using the modalities of your chose, such a Meditation, Prayer, Reiki, Journaling, Gratitudes, New and Full Moon Rituals, Chakra Work, Sound Bowl Healing, Vision Boards, Movement, Painting.  

I welcome your suggestions as to what you'd love to see offered in our group in the months to come.  I welcome your input.  If you take the time to write me with your suggestions of what you'd like to see for this group, the environments you'd like to see it presented, I promise you I will respond and take your message into consideration!

This group is for anyone interested in creating their own personal mandala with specific intentions.  We will paint mandalas for Prosperity, Healing, Relationships, Abundance, Career and so on.  You do not need any experience in painting, but will easily paint your own Mandala with symbols and images that are meaningful to you personally, as well as learn about traditional Mandala forms.   We will have options to create sacred Chakra Mandalas during many of our classes.  All art supplies and basic design tools will be provided.  You will take home a canvas or ocean stone with your painted Mandala in each session.  

Mandalas is a Sanskrit word that translates to mean "circle" or "center."  We associate the word mandala with the circular designs that have repeating colors, shapes, and patterns radiating from the center.  Mandalas are often used in meditations and will often have a Bindu at the center (a place of focus).  Mandalas can also be incorporated into Yantras.  A Yantra has the 4 gates that surround the mandala. 

At our meetings, "Holding Space" will be very important as we create from the Heart.  Most of our meeting will last 90 minutes to 2.5 hours:

We will begin with a meditation.  It may be a Chakra Meditation, or a Loving Kindness Meditation.  It may also be a sacred visualization exercise.  All meant to help inspire and tune you into your own inner wisdom.

We will meet in various environments: 

* My yard which has a circular labyrinth.  A discussion of how mandala relates to labyrinths and you may walk the labyrinth.  We will discuss an overall theme each session.

*  The ocean environment.  Each meeting will be planned ahead of time.  May be Huntington Beach or Laguna Beach.

*  The mountain environment.  This may be held at Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake, and/or Idyllwild.

*  I'd love to hold weekend Retreats and 4 day Retreats in beautiful locations, to paint, do Yoga, Reiki, Meditate and Journal.  I have given Retreats for the past ten years that are always SOLD OUT and have many repeat participants.

Please give me a month to start planning what we will be doing and to receive your input.

I look forward to having a fantastic Painting Mandalas Meetup for us!



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