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This group will be practicing interactive exercises that help us create the perfect balance and enjoy a full, rich, and harmonious life. Using tools of the groundbreaking brain science and research by bestselling author Don Campbell and sound expert Alex Doman, we will practice powerful exercises to raise our spatial IQ, "sound away" our pain, boost creativity, release old traumas, and make our spirit sing!

Music speaks to us on a very deep level. Modern science confirms this ancient wisdom, finding evidence that listening to certain types of music can improve the quality of life. Music is used to deal with everything from anxiety to cancer, high blood pressure, chronic pain, dyslexia, and even mental illness.

Our gatherings will also include exercises involving breathing, meditation, painting, dance to resolve tension and release stress of modern of life.

At this very moment, you are surrounded by sound. Pause for a minute and try to listen to it all: the chatter of a passing conversation, noise from a nearby street, the gentle whoosh of air vents. You rarely pay attention to all that you hear, but every noise in your environment can affect your mood, your productivity, even your health.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of music: it can lower blood pressure and heart and respiratory rate, reduce cardiac complication, improve the immune system, and boost our natural opiates. When integrated as part of a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness, music and art can play a significant part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle or in healing serious disease.

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