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My name is Jenny Cathey and I work at A3 - The Academy of Arts & Academics on Main Street in Springfield. Our freshmen and sophomores are creating board games for their final project in their Humanities/Science/Language Arts classes. Games must include specific elements (codon wheel, dominant-recessive, chance-choice, character growth, story) as well as teach some of the content they have learned this semester. Areas covered are genetics (including epigenetics, gene therapy, protein synthesis...), adolescent and brain development, history of science, and the novel "Frankenstein".

These board games will be presented to the public on May 28th & 29th at Confluence, a time when parents and community members see the product of student learning. Students use their projects, board games in this instance, do demonstrate their learning and speak intelligently on these topics.

Why am I posting on your gaming site?
Well, we need panel members. As part of the process of preparing for Confluence, students present their progress on their project to a panel of community members who give them feedback on a set of requirements. I am interested in having input from gamers specifically to give constructive feedback to student groups on what they have done well and how to improve their board games. Will you help us?

NEW: Our last panels involved playing the student games for a few rounds. Panel-member feedback was that the games were rough and continuing to require development. Lots of feedback was given, and I am hopeful that the next round of panels will be much more polished and playable. We'd love to have you join us!

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