What we're about

You tell me what spice, what to dice, what nuts, whether dairy, or sprinkled with fairy dust.... and I shall create.

This is a 'first-come-first-served' paid-forum where the hostess will combine Indian style-California foods with the wines from the various terrains of California and France. Why France? Only because the two countries are joined at the root and clone. Why restrict ourselves to a Beef bourguignon or a rack of lamb with a well-rounded, fine-aged Bordeaux while we can elegantly pair it with a spicy-asparagus fried-lentil-dumpling served with a mint-tamarind chutney or millet string hoppers with a peppery vegetable stew. Why not have an elegant Viognier paired with a crunchy cool cucumber peanut-lime salad or even your own style of lettuce wraps instead of coq au vin or lobster bisque?

We are going to innovate and create new combinations of Indi-Cali food like never before based on your preference of vegetable, spice, herbs and lentils.

- A 4 course meal that I will create paired with wines
- Maximum of 10 people each meet
- Open to teaching how to cook for an extra fee
- Open to suggestions on spices/nuts/dairy, as per individual allergies
- Menu will be posted a week in advance

Who should join
Those who are seriously, passionately, wholly, fashionably, thoroughly interested in pairing wines with Indi-Cali veggie food. And who are great bloggers :)

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