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Have you been looking for a sounding board of individuals that can challenge you to take your business and your leadership farther? There are groups like these all over the world, they’re called Peer Advisory Groups.

Imagine if you had your own board of advisors who listen, advise, and validate your experiences. Peer Advisory Groups are groups of 12-18 non-competitive business owners that will meet monthly with an experienced facilitator to move their business forward and act as each other’s board of advisors. Additionally, you’ll meet monthly, one-on-one with your executive coach to discuss your most important challenges and to evaluate opportunities. Your coach is your guide, offering their experience and directing you to the right resources and experts to help inform your most critical decisions. Learn from the experience of peers who’ve faced similar situations and who will ask the tough questions. Participants raise issues and receive feedback and support from peers based on experience and knowledge. Diverse perspectives are essential for better decision-making and your business growth will be accelerated by tapping into the collective wisdom of the group. Please attend our free introductory information meeting September 18th to learn more. The event is listed in MeetUp.

While most Peer Advisory Groups charge $800 - $1500 per month, we are dedicated to making this affordable for most businesses and therefore will be charging $275 per month for about 10 hours per month of engagement. All businesses will not be accepted as we will not have competing businesses in the group and there are also some minimum business requirements to be a part of our group.

Entrepreneurs learn faster and better from one another. Within a peer advisory group, the primary goal is to bring out the group’s “genius.” Paradoxically, the best perspective on the inner workings of your business is through the eyes of trusted peers looking from the outside. It’s time to lose that feeling of being alone at the top. You’ll learn that being in business for yourself doesn’t mean being in business by yourself.

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