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Who can join? Anyone and everyone who has a passion for the ocean, water sports, and discovery! 21 and older (Adults) only! Physically able to swim either in a bay or ocean, step down into or onto a boat, climb a 4 foot ladder and pull your self out of the water onto a boat using the ladder without assistance. This is not an adventure for the elderly, disabled, or handicapped unfortunately.

What we are about: We are an emerging group of adventurers that love life on the Ocean! Adventure Boating, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, and Snorkeling are at the core of what this group is about! I will make clear what you can expect on any of our adventures, but, please note, absolutely every adventure is different depending on a myriad of different tidal, oceanic, and atmospheric conditions.

Boating: Traversing intercoastal and coastal waters in order to access the best areas for our activities depending on tidal and atmospheric conditions. Sightseeing by boat moving from one city to the next taking in the sights only seen by boat. Following Dolphins if we are lucky enough for them to appear we will follow them as long as they allow us and as long as it remains interesting to the entire group. Visiting sand bars and islands in order to wade in our beautiful blue waters and snorkel during high tide.

Swimming: Jumping off the boat into the great blue can be exhilarating adventurers can request to do this when at anchor and with the engine off or at idle consult with captain prior to this undertaking. Ocean swimming can be a very strenuous exercise please be sure of your ability prior to this undertaking. If you are not an experienced ocean swimmer you must request a life jacket or personal flotation device from the captain prior to this undertaking. Swimming is the basis of all water sports if you are not a good swimmer please take clases prior to joining this group or prior to embarking on any of our adventures.

Paddle Boarding: There are 3 ways to paddle board the first and most difficult is SUP (stand up paddle boarding) especially on the ocean, the second is kayak paddle boarding (sitting or kneeling), and the third is prone (laying face down and rowing with your arms. If you cannot SUP in the Inter coastal or in estuaries (calm water) you cannot SUP on the ocean. Don’t even try it! Please inform the captain as to your paddle boarding abilities prior to using one of the paddle boards aboard. There are two inflatable paddleboard’s on board for everyone to use but if you have a paddleboard and would like to bring it we have the capacity of bringing an additional 2-4 paddle boards on board.

Snorkeling: Everyone is expected to have their own snorkeling equipment. For ocean snorkeling the equipment you should have would be a diving mask, snorkel, and fins. My best advice would be to have a dry snorkel. A dry snorkel is one that doesn’t allow water into the snorkel. Feel free to use what your comfortable with but if you have any questions also feel free to ask. If you do not have a mask, snorkel, or fins we do have professional grade equipment that you could rent for $15.

Kayaking - Four additional fun we have added an inflatable two person kayak which can be used either on the ocean or on the intercoastal. A life jacket or personal flotation device must be either on the persons or on the boat while the persons are underway at all times. This inflatable kayak is very stable and fun to use on the water and is a new addition to our inflatable toy line up.

As with all of our events, we are not professional guides or instructors. We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts out for a good time on the water. We help each other out whenever we can. By participating in any of our events you assume all risks and responsibilities for your personal health and safety and for your equipment. It is important for everyone that each participant be prepared for the event. Be sure you are up to the activity both physically and mentally and that your equipment is appropriate for the intended trip. If you have any questions you can always send us a message and we will respond! Be safe and you will enjoy yourself.

We encourage all members to suggest activities! We welcome organizers from other groups who might want to combine events or help us organize some events for their members! Finally we welcome anyone interested in hosting an event for our group!

What will be expected from you:
Participation - You will be part of an adventure crew you. Depending on everyone’s individual ability, experience, and interest you may be asked to lend a hand while: embarking, underway, docking, tying off, at anchor, dropping water toys into the water, picking up water toys from the water, demonstrating snorkeling/paddle boarding techniques, handing out life jackets, tidying up, etc.

Punctuality - For every adventure you will be directed to the dock from which we will depart and the time at which you will be expected to be there. It is recommended that you arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of departure in order to properly park and collect your belongings and meet us on time at the dock. The boat will not wait for more than 5 minutes beyond the designated time of departure so please be prompt.

Travel Light - In an effort to conserve space and weight no more than 1 small carry on item will be allowed onboard containing your beach towel, cotton long sleeve, dry shorts/pants, wallet/purse, phone, and sun block. Flip-flops or water shoes ONLY will be allowed on board. Please be advised that NO shoes, sneakers, or hard bottom sandals will be allowed onto the deck of the boat. Prior to stepping on the boat please make sure to clean off your feet, flip-flops, or water shoes in the water so that no dirty foot prints are left on the deck of the boat as it will be freshly cleaned and white prior to your arrival!

Courtesy - You will be on a boat with others, please be respectful, considerate, and mindful to all onboard at all times. The captain reserves the right to correct inadequate behaviors and cancel your passage at any time due to poor conduct! The canceling of passage will result in automatic removal from group.

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