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This group is intended specifically for search marketers located in Palm Beach County of all skill levels. If you're looking to stay up to date on the latest findings in SEO and best strategies for paid SEM campaigns, this group is for you.

Each meet up will be designed for 30 minute presentations on pre-approved topics followed by Q&A. Each event will be marked either Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and/or Networking Event to ensure you're attending the most appropriate sessions for your skill level.


Important On-Site SEO Elements (Keyword focus, URL structure, Title tags, H1 tags, image alt tags, HTTPS, Page load speed, etc.)

What's in Your SEO Toolbox (Moz, ScreamingFrog, Google Search Console, SEMRush, etc.)

Conducting a Full On SEO Site Audit

Content Marketing / Blog Writing and Its Importance for Long-Tail and Main Keywords

Link Building Strategies and Publisher Outreach Campaigns

Building Followed Links at Scale

The Do's and Don'ts of Link Building (White Hat SEO v. Black Hat SEO)

SEO Competitor Analysis (Finding Out What Your Competitors are doing to rank for your main keywords)

Structured Data Markup and How To Implement It

And more...


Getting Google Ads Certified

Keyword Match Types (Broad Match, Broad Match Modified, Phrase Match and Exact Match)

A/B Testing Ad Copy

How to Interpret Search Marketing Data (from CPCs, CTRs, Conversions and Conversion Rates) and Making Improvements on the Data Sets

SEM Competitor Analysis (Find Out What Terms Your Competitors are Bidding On, The Keywords They're Running and Landing Pages They're Using)

Campaign Bidding Strategy

Extension Types (Call extensions, Sitelink Extensions, Review Extensions, etc.)

How to Use Paid Keyword Data to Influence Your SEO Strategy

Ad Scheduling and Device Bidding (Which users are more likely to convert for your business, mobile users or desktop?)

And more...

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