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Are you one of those folks who bought a computer or tablet with the new Windows 8 operating system, or you upgraded your operating system to Windows 8 and are now struggling with the unfamiliar interface and file structures? Or perhaps you are considering buying a new Windows 8 computer? Then this class is for you!

Windows 8 is kind of confusing, isn't it? The usual Start button is gone (for now), there is really a no straightforward way to shut it down, and no Windows Media Center, the Internet Explorer looks so different, and hard to browse files and programs...

Jonathan Stanley will walk you through the Windows 8 Essentials in this class. He's been in PC Service business since 1985, and has extensive experience with Windows-8 environment from a service-standpoint as well as as an experienced user. He will offer a complete presentation on navigating and operating Windows 8 during the first half-hour, and cover your specific questions in the second half-hour of this session.

In this class you will learn about:
A comprehensive overview of the new Windows 8 interface, using it with a non-touch screen environment (traditional keyboard and mouse) as well as the touch-screens and gestures.

Windows 8 Essentials Topics:

• The lock screen
• Passwords
• Microsoft Account vs. Local Account
• Touch vs. Non-Touch devices
• Switching between multiple users
• Where did the Start button go?
• Windows 8 "Apps" vs. "Programs"
• Where is the close button and menu in apps?
• The Windows 8 App store
• Where are all the old programs I'm used to?
• Searching for files and finding programs
• Adding app tiles to the Start Screen
• Adding programs to the desktop
• Rearranging, resizing, and removing unused tiles
• Switching between running apps
• Running 2 apps on the same screen
• Turning off/on scrolling live tiles
• Settings and Control Panel differences
• Sharing content
• Integrating with Media Center and Xbox Live
• Shutting Down in a single step
• Starting up your Windows 8 device in about 10 seconds

After this presentation you will understand why Windows 8 looks different and how to use it more easily on both touch / non-touch devices. You will also understand how to easily continue to use your familiar programs from earlier versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, and Windows-7. Jonathan will answer as many questions as possible after the presentation.

We will offer coffee, refreshments and snacks during this class.
Bring your own Windows 8 laptop or tablet to this class if you own one.

• FREE for Office Divvy members
• $19 for non-Office Divvy members (public)

When you RSVP, we will send you a link for payment about 2 weeks before the class.

On Saturday, October 12th
10 am to 11am