What we're about

This is a group for female Jesus followers, otherwise known as Christians, who are interested in challenging the status quo just a bit.


My dream is to find other women who love Him, revere Him, and follow Him with all their hearts; women who are not afraid to push aside the trappings that can sometimes hide His face, or obscure His character; women who would like to discover more of who He is, and worship Him together.

Please Note:

You are SO WELCOME to come whether you are reading the current book or not. We don't always stay on topic anyway. :) Most of the time we just talk about whatever comes to mind, bear each other’s burdens and laugh a lot. It really isn’t an academic book club at all. Lol

It is just so refreshing to be in the presence of other Jesus loving women!

We will be exploring the writings of scholars like Keith Giles, Dr. Gregory Boyd, C.S. Lewis, W.P. Young, and Bruxy Cavey to name a few.

These saints have been called heretics by some in religious circles, because they dare to question age-old traditions or belief systems as they tenaciously seek to push aside man-made religion in order to see clearly the face of Jesus.

We must KNOW Jesus- in spirit and in truth. For real. This is eternal life, that we may KNOW Him. (John 17)

And sadly, a person can know the scriptures without ever coming to know Christ.


So, if any of that sparks your interest, this just might be the group for you!

If you are curious about who Jesus is, you're welcome! If you are a Jesus lover already and have an open mind to explore and learn more about these things, you're welcome!

If someone already feels that they have everything all figured out, and enjoys straightening out other folks, this probably isn't the group for them.

If we have questions we can't answer, we will find them together. If we have differences of opinion, we will respect each other.

And as we enjoy each other in Christ, I pray that we will grow faith and love for our Beloved.

1. Once you join: Please send me a message with your phone number. I want to be sure you get the information you need such as private addresses, etc. This Meetup app doesn’t always serve the purpose of communication very well.

2. Speaking of using this Meetup App: you have to turn ON NOTIFICATIONS on your phone's settings. AND, you seems to need to purposely check the app for some of the notifications to show up. So there's that. :)

We are almost finished with our first book. We chose the book The Shack as our next read. When we’re finished with the book we want to watch the movie together.

See you soon!

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