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I would like to start a diabetic support group in the east bay area. This is not specific to either type, type 1 & type 2 diabetics are welcome, we have similar struggles.
I want this to be a community where we can consult with others, ask questions, vent about all of the challenges, and just be around others who are going through the same thing. Tentative schedule with topics below, will meetup the 3rd Monday of every month.

* 2/18: Let’s be real, what am I supposed to eat? Nutrition for diabetes
* 3/18: Let’s be real, you want me to stick what in myself? All things insulin, dosing, CGM’s, pumps
* 4/15: Let’s be real, will I ever lose this weight? Exercise with diabetes is a whole new ball game
* 5/20: Let’s be real, this disease sucks.... & self care! Let’s bitch & moan with people who understand what we’re going through and how to rise above
* 6/17: Let’s be real, there are a lot of myths out there, debunking myths!
* 7/15: Let’s be real, traveling woes, bringing all necessary supplies & how traveling affects blood sugar
* 8/19: Let’s be real, how to be sexy with a faulty pancreas, all things sex & intimacy
* 9/16: Let’s be real, there comes an emotional toll with diabetes. Diabetes & mental health
* 10/21: Let’s be real, the consequences are scary! How to lead a long healthy life
* 11/18: Let’s be real, surviving holidays is tough, how to avoid increased sugar intake while still celebrating
* 12/16: Let’s be real, I can’t go to my favorite restaurants anymore, where to eat out without a blood sugar spike!

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Pancreas Probs, Diabetes & Nutrition, what should I eat?

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The Specific Chiropractic Centers

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