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Paneurhythmy means a higher cosmic rhythm. The laws of paneurhythmic movements are inscribed in the whole universe.

Gentle healing joyful dance for all ages. Please wear white colors. It's Free. Men and Women Welcome...

Cosmic love is being born today in human consciousness. It is that which solves all contradictions, which overcomes all obstacles. It is rebirth!

The word paneurhythmy is derived from three roots: “pan” means “whole, cosmic”, “eu” stands for the true meaning and essence of things, and “rhythmy” conveys the idea of moving to the rhythm of special music. The whole word paneurhythmy is often explained like a supreme, wholesome cosmic rhythm—the rhythm synchronizing man and nature.
Symbolism of the dance

Paneurhythmy is performed to the sound of special music by the followers of the White Brotherhood, who sing special words as well. It is danced in the mornings throughout spring, summer and fall. The whole set comprises 28 exercises named “Awakening,” “Ascending,” “Purifying,” “Liberation,” “The Rising Sun,” “Joy of the Earth,” and others.

Every single movement, like clapping hands or imitating a flying butterfly, adds to the philosophical meaning of extending your awareness beyond your personal life and focusing it on universal love. When performed by many people, paneurhythmy is danced in circles, thus symbolizing the unification between human beings and nature.

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PanEuRhythmy Sunrise Cosmic Dance

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PanEuRhythmy Sunrise Cosmic Dance

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