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World Travel and Adventure is admittedly a strange brew of old and new. We’re both a member-based social club, and a travel group. We’re also a travel agency specializing in group travel, but seldom mark our trips up beyond break-even. Our goal is not to make money as much as it is to travel with our growing list of good friends to exotic destinations. We also have trips locally in each city, regionally, and nationally. Many are either free or very low costs.

Bottom line: we’re all about people. People are always better than not-people. We’re like bees. While we may occasionally get stung, we’re fundamentally social beings that need community.

We got started in mid-2018 on meetup.com and our list of meetup cities grows each month. Here on meetup, we list all the local and regional trips and gatherings. These may include happy hours, dinners out, weekend trips, concerts, and more.

Members also have a website that features all of our more "ambitious" trips including nationwide and around the world. We've got trips planned to Europe, South America, Japan, Thailand, and more. Many of these international trips are less than $2,000. Regional and even national trips are well under $1,000 with some being just a few hundred.

Here are a few ways we’re different.

1) We like small groups – generally a minimum of either 10 or 15 depending on destination. We want to get to know each other on a deeper level and make new friends. Larger groups in our experience don't allow for that.

2) Every group will be a mixture of couples and singles, males and females. While ratios will of course vary, generally the mix has been awesome.

3) Each trip has at least one trip leader. He or she travels for free or deeply discounted. In return, her primary job is to take care of our members. Expect her to be available 24/7 for any personal, travel, or other questions or concerns.

4) We have two types of trips. Some are fully guided with all air, lodging, transportation, and meals included. with these trips, an English-speaking guide is with you throughout the trip. Some trips are group guided - as you would expect with good friends traveling together. In these the group gets together to study language, culture, and cuisine of our destination. But more importantly the group collectively decide what it wants to see, how much free time to set aside, and how many tours to schedule.

5) We have a number of meetup groups across the Eastern half of the country and are always looking to start new clubs. Most of our trips have travelers from multiple cities. So just because you see 5 RSVPs for a trip, that doesn’t mean there are 15 slots left. If you’re interested, go ahead and RSVP. In most cases you just need to put down $500 or less, and that’s fully refundable until 90 days prior to departure.

So come join the fun. Sign up for anything and let’s get to know each other!

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