What we're about

We are the Winners! We are a community of liked minded individuals that come together to help career focused professionals in the community, in and around Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, with job search and career management help. We have a large group that keeps growing because as a group what we do leads to success. Our group philosophy is built around "getting in front of your resume" and reaching out to take a pro-active approach to finding that next great job. That means not simply relying on sending out resumes. Most importantly as Winners!, we are proactive about career management while we are gainfully employed instead of being reactive solely when we are unemployed.

We come together as a group at least once a month, to learn a new concept in job search or best practices in digital technology as it applies to career management and job search and for members to share ideas and tactics and get support from the group leaders and from other members in their transition.

We play to win!

Yes Winners! are capitalists who believe we should get paid to perform work for employers or to provide services and we do discuss how to get better job offers and how to make more money. If you are truly career focused and you keep sending resume after resume and you are not getting ahead in your career then please come out and find out the best practices our members are using to get hired and why they keep coming back after they land a great job to lend a hand to others in the group.

We follow the principles set-out in the international best selling book The Panic Free Job Search which espouses targeted job search (which leads to many more offers than just sending out resumes) and being proactive about career management. If you would like to get a copy of the book before you attend a Meetup you can get one here- http://amzn.to/1b37nkk (http://bit.ly/H0oVeA)

In addition to our regular Meetups we also organise job fairs in the community as fund raisers for a specific charity usually with sponsorship from one of our partners- all funds generated as fees from the employers as well as a nominal fee for attendees is donated to the charity.

Supporting partners include:

Transition to Hired (http://www.TransitiontoHired.com)

Microsoft Store Square One and Yorkdale Toronto (http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/locations/on/mississauga/square-one-shopping-centre/store-1029)

Find out if this group and community of professionals is for you...read on

This group is for you if you are a career minded individual:

You are open-minded and prepared to be supportive and /or share your experiences to help others.

You keep sending resumes and you are not getting many responses

You are serious about getting hired in a job you really want.

You are either in transition, changing jobs or thinking of it or unemployed.

You are frustrated and miserable at your current job and want more.

You are underpaid and/or under-appreciated.

You have said to yourself recently:

"Being unemployed and looking for a job really stinks."

"How do I find a job I am desperate?"

"Why am I not getting hired?"

"What can I do now to find a better job?"

Your Outcome: is Getting Hired in a job you are excited and passionate about.

Your Transformation: Winners! become more self-confident, focused, and develop a greater ability to take action and go for what they want, they develop a clear job search strategy and plan, they are provided with training and options for additional training and the tools they need to open up dialogues with the right decision makers at employers they want to work for and of course they develop the know-how to close the deal, get paid big bucks and get the job they want.

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