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Game Auction!

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Game Auction!


Come and sell your games or get some great deals on new ones! We are hosting our first games auction here at Paper or Plastic headed up by two fantastic auctioneers - Soren and Katie! These two have helped run the GenCon Auction for multiple years, and they know their stuff!

Submissions for the game auction begin immediately! There is a $1 fee per item submitted. We are accepting the following types of items: Board Games, Tabletop games, Miniature games (although we recommend you come the next day to our Bits Trading event for 40k and other games!), CCG Lots (no single cards), and RPG's. If you aren't sure if your item qualifies, just ask!

Submissions will be accepted through the close of business on Monday, May 20th. After that we will announce the schedule of when to expect certain types of items to go up for bid! We'll be posting pictures of things that are brought in for the sale all the time, so get ready for some deals!

100% Store Credit payout to all of the sellers! Start dreaming about what great new games you can bring in and enjoy to replace games you no longer care about!

We'll have plenty of room for seating for bidders, and we'll also have TV's set up showing information about each item as it goes up for sale so that you can get some quick information about the item like how many players it can handle, the run time of the game, and other information like that!
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