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We are very excited to host Chris Mantas for our second meetup! Chris will be presenting on Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for internet applications ( by Stoica, et al.

In addition to Chris' talk, Costas Drogos will be closing the event with a lightning talk on the Meltdown and Spectre attacks as these are described in their papers, found on


• Chris Mantas on Chord:

This 2001 paper has over 13K (!) citations on Google Scholar and is considered to be one of the most influential architectures in Distributed Systrems.

While originally designed with P2P in mind, evolutions of Its architecture (Distributed Hash Table based) are the at the core of many modern (and old) NoSQL systems: Cassandra, Amazon's Dynamo, Riak, Voldemord, etc. Not to mention that it single-handendly brought P2P file-sharing to the 21st century by proviting the indexing service for BitTorrent.

What I propose is a presentation of the architecture and protocol, with a verbal explanation of its application in the P2P era.

If we have time after the presentation we could talk about how subsequently Dynamo (one of the first dstributed Key-Value storage systems) brought DHTs in the datacenter, staring the NoSQL boom.

• Costas Drogos on the Meltdown and Spectre attacks:

I will do a small intro on the Meltdown and Spectre attacks as these are described in their papers, found on

Papers are well written, so I'm not thinking of a full-blown presentation, something short just to get people acclimated to the techniques used in these attacks, why I liked these papers and what to do from now on.


Christos Mantas is a backend software engineer, working at Skroutz's Search team.
Formerly he was a PhD candidate studying Distributed Systems in NTUA's CSLab.
He has implemented a version of Chord in hi pre-graduate studies and it is precisely that assignment (and course) that convinced him to start studing about Distributed Systems in general, therefore beeing a big influence on him.

Costas Drogos is a Site Reliability Engineer/Sysadmin, working for Kentik's ops team.


Doors open at 6:30pm; the presentations will begin around 7pm.

The talks will be in Greek, unless there are non-Greek speakers in the audience. In that case both talks will be in English.

Enter the building from the entrance right beside the parking lot and climb to the second floor.

After each presentation, we will open the floor to discussion and questions.

We hope you will read the papers before the meetup, but don't stress if you can't. If you have any questions please add them on this event's thread.

We have a Github repo which we use for coordinating Papers We Love Athens: We will be opening an issue before each meetup to serve as a space for Call for Presentations. If you have any ideas/questions about the meetup please open up an issue.