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Kyle P. and Hector S.


This month should be really exciting! We'll be learning about the paper "Merkle-CRDTs" presented by one of its authors, Héctor Sanjuán!

From the abstract:

"Merkle-DAG-backed CRDTs have been used to build some dis- tributed applications on top of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). In this paper we study Merkle-DAGs as transport and persistence layer for CRDT data types, coining the term Merkle-CRDTs and providing an overview of the different concepts, properties, advantages and lim- itations involved. We show how Merkle-CRDTs have the potential to greatly simplify the design and implementation of convergent data types in systems with weak messaging layer guarantees and a poten- tially large number of replicas."

Come join us!

Zimmerstraße 23, 10969 · Berlin