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Károly Lőrentey on "Red-black trees in a functional setting" by Chris Okasaki

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Hi Everybody,

Our second meetup will on the 13th of July (Thursday). We start at 19:00, and the doors will open at around 18:30-18:45. It will be again hosted by our friends at LogMeIn.

This time Károly Lőrentey ( will hold a presentation from Chris Okasaki's "Red-black trees in a functional setting" paper.


Everybody learns about balanced binary search trees in their introductory computer science classes, but even the stouthearted tremble at the thought of actually implementing such a beast. The details surrounding rebalancing are usually just too messy. To show that this need not be the case, we present an algorithm for insertion into red-black trees (Guibas & Sedgewick, 1978) that any competent programmer should be able to implement in fifteen minutes or less.

You can find it here:

Okasaki, C. (1999). Red-black trees in a functional setting. Journal of Functional Programming, 9(4),[masked].

The presentation will be held in English, with examples in Swift.

We will upload more info shortly, but until then, clear your calendars, and RSVP!:)