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Jacob Kobernik on Paxos Made Live

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"The devil is in the [implementation]". In today's distributed system world of hip marketing and product-pushing companies with smooth-sounding tools digital solution descriptions are often a few sentences in a tweet or a simple proof on the back of a napkin. But are these candy-prescriptions actually easy to implement? This paper tells of the joys and fears confronted by the Google team who built Chubby, an implementation of Paxos.

Jacob left the world of liberal arts at a mature age to follow the bread-crumb trail of programming theory. He cut his teeth on lisp dialects decades after they were forgotten, grew a large mustache to earn respect, and at one point thought all objects were immutable. Today he alternates between being lost in Clojure or in some new beer, and works for Opentable as a Software Engineer.

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