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Metropolis Light Transport

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Jeff Timanus will present Veach and Guibas's Metropolis Light Transport ( This is a very elegant probabilistic global illumination ( technique that builds on the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm (

You might find that Veach's thesis ( covers more background and has more details.

If you are interested in ray tracing, computer graphics, sampling, or probabilistic methods at all, you should definitely attend!

I'll end with a tantalizing quote from Veach's thesis, the section "Why Light Transport is Important":

One of the main goals of light transport algorithms is to increase human efficiency in the modeling of realistic virtual environments. [...] The main problem is that the algorithms used for production work ... do not have the ability to simulate indirect lighting. [...] If we could find robust light transport algorithms, then the indirect lighting could be computed automatically, which would make the lighting task far easier.

Another important application of light transport is predictive modeling, where we wish to predict the appearance of objects before they are built. This idea has obvious uses in architecture and product design. [...]

Finally, better techniques for light transport in graphics may lead to better methods in physics and engineering, because light transport has a structure that is similar to radiation and particle transport problems.