Convolution-Based Interpolation for Fast, High-Quality Rotation of Images

Papers We Love, Montreal
Papers We Love, Montreal
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Rupert Brooks will present "Convolution-Based Interpolation for Fast, High-Quality Rotation of Images (", by Unser et al. This paper considers a long line of methods for performing image rotation by factoring the rotation into two or more 1D transformations, and addresses the question of how to perform those 1D translations in the highest quality way.

While several authors have proposed these types of decompositions for image rotation, the paper by Paeth (A Fast Algorithm for General Raster Rotation ( is one of the most commonly applied. (Also revised and updated as article III.6 in the original Graphics Gems.) It may be helpful to read that paper in preparation for this one.

The presentation will include digging into some open source packages to see what they actually do.