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An Introduction to Statistical Relational Learning (SRL)

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Artificial Intelligence is booming and how! The current trend is to use Deep Learning tools across a multitude of domains. However, there are alternate Machine Learning approaches which can perform robust and accurate reasoning and learning on complex relational data. Today in this talk, I will speak about one such approach of Markov Logic Networks (MLN) in Statistical Relational Learning (SRL). MLN is a powerful framework combining combining statistical (i.e. Markov Random Fields) and logical reasoning (First Order Logic). I will highlight an example of how it can be used on text to do Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and extract affordances in the Robotics domain. This use case scenario shows how large scale inference on text can be leveraged to give knowledge to artificial assistants. This introductory talk would touch base on the basics and acquaint you with all the state of the art tools. Watch this space for more!

JetBrains will be hosting this meetup. Location is the Event Space, which you reach from the right side entrance of the building.