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What we’re about

What was the last paper within the realm of computing you read and loved? What did it inspire you to build or tinker with? Come share the ideas in an awesome academic/research paper with fellow engineers, programmers, and paper-readers. Lead a session and show off code that you wrote that implements these ideas or just give us the lowdown about the paper (because of HARD MATH!). Otherwise, just come, listen, and discuss.
We're curating a [url=]repository[/url] for papers and places-to-find papers. You can contribute by adding PR's for papers, code, and/or links to other repositories.
We're posting [url=]videos[/url] of all our presentations, from all our chapters. If you need to reach out to us or have ideas for papers, just ask us via our[url=] twitter account[/url].
Papers We Love has a [url=]Code of Conduct[/url]. Please contact one of the Meetup's organizers if anyone is not following it. Be good to each other and to the PWL community!

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  • PWL Seattle: Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way
    Capitol Hill Branch - The Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA
    • Photo of Trevor Lalish-Menagh
    • Photo of Aaron Goldman
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    • Photo of Michael Constans
    • Photo of Ciprian Gerea