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PWL #25: Flexible Paxos

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PWL Mini
David Murray presents Inferring and Debugging Path MTU Discovery Failures (

The Internet was built on rough consensus and running code, and the code does in fact mostly run. This paper from 2005 discusses one of the edge cases where it doesn't - an edge case that still occasionally bothers Papers We Love presenters named David in 2016.

The Main Event
Denis Rystsov presents Flexible Paxos: Quorum intersection revisited (

The paper explores how non-standard quorum configurations can improve latency without affecting correctness of a system. In this talk Denis will describe how Paxos works and how Flexible Paxos differs from the other algorithms of the Paxos family.

Who What Where?
Big ups to Comcast for hosting this month! There will be a person at the front door ushering folks up to the 11th Floor for the event. We will have food (of course), again sponsored by Comcast.

Please Remember
As a chapter of Papers We Love, we abide by and enforce the PWL Code of Conduct ( at our events. Please give it a read, plan on conducting yourself accordingly, and involve one of the organizers if you have any concerns.

Drinks Afterwards
Please join us afterwards to have drinks at Sazerac ( for more conversations over a Ravena or two (