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PWL #38: LittleTable / Robust Composition

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PWL Mini:
Ankur Chauhan presents "LittleTable: A Time-Series Database and Its Uses"

"We present LittleTable, a relational database that Cisco Meraki has used since 2008 to store usage statistics, event logs, and other time-series data from our customers’ devices. LittleTable optimizes for time-series data by clustering tables in two dimensions. By partitioning rows by timestamp, it allows quick retrieval of recent measurements without imposing any penalty for retaining older history."

The Main Event:
Clive Boulton presents "Robust Composition: Towards a Unified Approach to Access Control and Concurrency Control"

"When separately written programs are composed so that they may cooperate, they may instead destructively interfere in unanticipated ways. These hazards limit the scale and functionality of the software systems we can successfully compose. This dissertation presents a framework for enabling those interactions between components needed for the cooperation we intend, while minimizing the hazards of destructive interference."

Big ups to Comcast Technology Solutions ( for hosting this month! Food and chit-chat starts at 6:30, presentations start at 7:00.

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