PWL #52: GAN Dissection

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Papers We Love @ Seattle
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83 S King St

83 S King St · Seattle, WA

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Ankur Kalra: "GAN Dissection":

This is a really interesting paper with neat results, and it takes a rigorous and principled approach to interpretability in ML (at least, in the vision domain). It's also one of my favorite papers from 2018.

I'll cover some of the motivations, previous/related work, and some of the key ideas in the paper. This particular conversation will be mostly focused on providing an intuitive understanding instead of a rigorous mathematical understanding (at least during the talk itself). No prior machine learning experience will be necessary to follow along.

Dinner will be provided! We usually eat between 6:30 and 7:00, with papers starting at 7.

• Important to know

Big ups to Lyft for hosting this month!

Unfortunately, in order to host at Lyft, we need to email you an NDA form, so we need to collect emails. If you wish to attend, please send your email to Max Payton as a private message, and you'll get an NDA to sign. It's become very hard to find a place to use in Seattle proper, which is why last month had to be canceled, and I understand if this is too much to ask of anyone.

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If you have a paper you'd like to present, or even just a mini, please hit up one of the organizers :) We're always looking for more presenters.