SciClone: Inferring Clonal Architecture and Tracking Patterns of Tumor Evolution

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SciClone: Inferring Clonal Architecture and Tracking the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Tumor Evolution

Tumors are complex heterogeneous populations of mutant cells whose behavior represents a microcosm of evolution in response to fitness constraints. The field of cancer genomics is critically reliant on computational approaches to disentangle the complex mutational structure of tumors to help understand their development and evolution.
Understanding the mutational landscape of a particular malignancy is crucial to rendering accurate prognoses and effective treatment regimens.

Irena will be presenting SciClone - a method for investigating the mutational structure of a tumor using Bayesian mixture models. We will discuss the benefits of this approach from a bioinformatics standpoint, why it is critical to perform such analysis in the context of diagnoses and treatments, and how some more recent advances in sequencing and analysis technologies have improved upon this method. General bioinformatics topics such as sequencing methods and variant calling, as well as introductory cancer biology concepts will also be covered.

Irena is currently a software engineer with CiBO Technologies. In her past life as a bioinformatician, she spent 3 years as research faculty in the Division of Oncology at Washington University Medical School working on projects related to lung cancer and multiple myeloma.

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